Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Summer vacation part 4

How many schools in the US are named after visual artists?  Let alone ones who worked in such a bold, direct manner like Max Beckmann?  A quick google search found an elementary school in Albequerque. This sign adorns the front of the Max Beckmann Grundschule or elementary school in Worzeldorf Germany. You'll notice they did cleanse the picture of the cigarette he holds in the original image 
Also in Worzeldorf, these streets sure are named after funny sounding trees.
On the road to Berlin:
There's something comforting but creepy in Germany's skin toned (caucasian, of course) taxi's.
Compostionals:  The Berlin Philharmonic
Here is my attempt to copy the photo Angelika took at the Orianenburger Strasse Unterbahn stop, which ended up on the cover of the US release of Chris Whitley's album Reiter In.  I didn't quite nail it.

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