Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Summer Vacation part 3: affinities

A shopping trip to the grocery market in Schwabachturned into a consumer product safari.  
Above, Bavarian pickles, below, a granola box diptych painted earlier this spring.
I began really looking at grocery lables and packaging almost two years ago when I started hording cereal and granola bar boxes.  Only since last fall have I really begun to figure out what I'm doing with these things.....some of them, anyway.  I'm struck by the color and compositional elements.  Factor in the novelty of unfamiliar products and packaging, and the appeal is amplified.
 A Depletion Drawing from 2008.
 I've taken to eating Ritz crackers just for the boxes.  Here's my collection so far.
A Boxer painting from 2008

Pudding!... I hope.
Being easily amused.  I marveled at lenth at this upside down swingset reflection 
seen in the window of A's childhood attic bedroom.
One of my new Value Pack 24 Bar Landscapes

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