Monday, February 16, 2009

For The Love of Art, through March 15, 2009

The exhibit For The Love Of Art opened last week at the Hat Factory in Peekskill, NY. A grid of nine Genesis paintings are on view. The participating artists were invited to submit work that was then reviewed by a curatorial panel. Thanks to Michael Anthony Natiello who invited me to show.. Apparantly, prior to the opening, once the work was installed, there was some discussion among the curatorial panel regarding how appropriate the work is for public consumption with some wanting to yank the work. We'll see how it rolls. The exhibit will remain on view through March 15.
Here's a little snippet from a story in the Journal News that I thought was cute:
Christopher Albert, Beacon, creates abstract works in various media. His oil painting "Genesis 18" (2007) brings new meaning to the phrase "biblical knowledge" as it is painted on pages from the adult magazine Genesis.

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