Monday, February 16, 2009

Demonstrative Drawings

In a manner akin to that in which I was doing the Depletion Drawings in my Habitat over the Summer, I've been doing some drawings with during my time at the Habitat indoors at Van Brunt. I'm limiting myself to two colors of oil pastel on small irregularly shaped pieces of paper, and seeing what comes up. Much of the imagery for these particular drawings comes from watching Obama make his was to all of the balls on Inauguration night. At at least on stop the foreground of the frame I watched on tv was filled with these odd crooked crane like shapes in silhouette, each one with a glowing blue light square at the end. It's how photographs are taken now. Viewfinders are becoming a thing of the past. How odd is this gesture compared to the posture of picture taking in days or yore. At some point in the near future instead of squinting one eye, cradling an invisible form in both hands, jerking one index finger to indicate photographing something, we'll incorporate the same index jerk while holding one hand aloft high over our heads, hand in an articulated claw. That's the initial point of mediation for these drawings. The Demonstrative bit relates to the doing of this in public on a stage set of sorts as is the case when working in the gallery.

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