Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Saturday, another afternoon in the hab.

I spent another couple of hours at Van Brunt Gallery yesterday. I brought in another habitat tile (above)scaled with old cd roms, some still remaining swimming pool remnants and some Thick & Rich lids from cans of Bush's Baked Beans. MmmmMmmmmmMm (though not as good as mom's).

I chatted with Catherine Welshman who was sitting the gallery yesterday...and who'll be headlining the next exhibit at bau, opening on March 7. I handed off elements of a couple collaborative projects, one of which is the Visual Novel, to Catherine. I hope to be posting info on these projects later in the year. I also made two more Demonstrative Drawings, and another chewing gum sculpture (below) to be cast by Steve Rossi.

Today I'll be working on streaming the live feed from a panel discussion that will be taking place at Van Brunt at 3pm today. The feed can be seen over at

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