Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Perfect Artstorm or When nature calls

Here are some images from phase 2 of the HFA exhibit at Van Brunt. This phase has a name now which is "Matters of Scale." Pictured above is Evangelist flanked on both sides by paintings by Richard Bruce. Below is Todd Sargood's painting.

The gallery space will be in a constant state of flux throughout the run of the project. Above you can see the workspace outfitted in the rear portion of the gallery, which was altered yet again on Sunday to accomodate a presentation given by folks from Solar1 on their efforts on propagating solar energy throughout NYC. Below is another tile I created for the project and is for sale. As with the first tile I created, this one is constituted from material that was on my from last Summer. In this case, I took wedges of a plastic kiddey swimming pool and cut them into "scales" inorder to "skin" the tile. The embossed fish forms give an additional level the scale motif. I'm rather taken by this piece. I think the elements come together in a strong way.
I've held on to these wedges of swimming pool since pulling them out of our neighbor's curbside trash, and have only now, some two or three years later, come upon a suitable and righteous purpose for them. It's a satisfying feeling.
An additional moment of recycling elements is present in the shape of the individual scales and the arrangement in which they're placed, which was inspired directly from the quilted pattern on the toilet paper we currently have in stock here in the house.
All of these ingredients and factors coming together to give one.....at least this artist.....a warm arty feeling. It's like a perfect artstorm, or something. Below, the key that opened the door.

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