Sunday, January 11, 2009

Habitat for Artists moves inside

Starting this Saturday and continuing for six weeks thereafter, Van Brunt Gallery in Beacon will be transformed into the equivalent of a thirty six square foot shed - except that it's not that small, and there's even indoor plumbing. Habitat for Artists is moving shop to Van Brunt for an exhibit/project that will take the spirit and concepts behind the project, and transfer them to the gallery. It's the gallery as nest, meeting place creative haven, community hub.....or that's the idea. We'll see how it rolls. Much of the gallery's new space will be transformed into a work space, open to all takers. It's like an uber-mini public residency, a couple of hours at a time.
I plan to be there for some length of time on most Saturday's and Sundays, churning out some magic.
A variety of events are planned throughout the run including talks, screenings and a couple of workshop performances courtesy of Flying Swine.

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