Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dander Drawings


For me, some of the more endearing images evoked by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan's biography of DeKooning come from the passages that relate the artist's habit of working on small drawings as he watched TV every night. I love the thought of this guy who steadily worked in the studio all day in a physically demanding manner finding comfort and relaxation by continuing to create on a small scale in his down time.
I'd like to fit in more bits of work into my lazing about in the evening. Generally when I settle down to relax in my chair, I'm nailed down by Eurydice whose persistent and insistent presence in my lap makes it difficult to do much. Today, on this Thanksgiving holiday, I decided make like the pilgrims and Indians and take advantage of the bounty provided by my surroundings.
I started a series of ephemeral fur drawings by combing and parting the cat's fur into different formations. She's an extremely steady surface, and each work is easily erased in anticipation of the next. It's a collaborative process really.

I am available to do commissioned work. Pay me to come sit in your easy chair and collaborate with your pet or hairy relative.


Rich said...

Try doing this with my cat.

cralbert said...

Yeah, I guess I didn't think about the fact that not all cats are as old and placid as mine. And I'm not really much of a cat whisperer. So, suppose I must recind my solicitation for pet specific drawings....unless of course we consider the potential failure of a piece as a viable component of the performative aspect of the work.