Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My first parade

The Spirit of Beacon Parade was held this past Sunday. I participated with the Beacon Artists At Large to create large scale reproductions of drawings made by children in the Beacon Community Center's after school program depicting what each child wants to be when he/she grows up.
I don't know what vocation my chosen drawing was intended to depict. Perhaps it's simply a projected desire to be much larger than his is now. And larger it is. The figure stands at about six feet (before attaching the carrying stick), and as I carried the piece over my shoulder down to the parade starting point, I understand it looked like I was enacting the stages of the cross. Aside from one guy who yelled out a window "what kind of dinosaur is that," The other comments were fairly Jesus-centric. Wanting to subvert any possible allegations of sacrilige as the parade got underway, I made certain to not rest it on my shoulder, but to manuever the structure in a jaunty fashion to appear as if he was walking in a spirited way and not languishing on a pair of crossed timbers.
I've posted a few additional images from the group's creations at

This image gives a better sense of source drawing, created by Joseph.

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