Friday, May 09, 2008

Sleepaway Camp Let's just call it Brunch. See ya in the morning

Ever since we moved into our apartment, a little over a year ago, I started dreaming of potential "project spaces" that could be created both inside and outside. I'd invite various artists to stage a visual intervention in a closet or in the crotch of the tree out back. Alas, with all the other halfcocked inspirations that promote within me the excitement of potential, mixed with a wee bit of anxiety, these little inhouse galleries have never gotten off the drawing board.
But next weekend, May 17 and 18 will be a concession to those intstigatory impulses. Kamp Maykr kicks off with a potluck brunch at 10am on Saturday, May 17 on our lovelyporch and in the garden. There will be a small exhibit of installations throughout the garden and yard which will be on view that day and the next, Sunday May 18 from 12-5pm.
Kamp Maykr is taking place at 1172 North Ave in Beacon, NY.
Here's a map. Ya'll are invited, and if you're coming up to Beacon for the weekend, be sure to stop by.

Sneek Preview: Here's a stack of rocks that Matt Hereford brought over to our place last fall. And it has been our trusty barometer ever since; you know, 'if the rocks are wet, then its raining' if the rocks are white, then it's snowing', if the rocks have fallen down, then Chris has to try to restack them to best approximate the artist's original intent and gesture.....' Matt will be bringing more rocks for the weekend.

Originally, concieved as a corollary event to accompany the Sitelines Art Fair that was to be held in Beacon that weekend, the potluck brunch and yard work exhibit will be an informal how'do and kickoff to the day's events. And indeed there are other things going on that day and the next. Habitat for Artists, Electric Windows, open studios at both Beacon and Spire Studios will provide much to see. I've highlighted a list of the weekend's events over at maykr.

We are very appreciative of our landlords, Elizabeth Barrett and Lee Kyriacou for supporting this event.

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