Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On initial marks: green and pulpy - blue and runny

I arrived home this evening from two days of a painting job in Ridgefield CT. to find Michael Natiello standing in front of our lawn looking like a deranged farmer. Michael began work on his mowing piece for Kamp Maykr. Angelika took some photos of him doing his thing... I'll post those shortly.

As for other beginnings, it's taken nearly a month and a half after the skeleton of my Habitat went up that I finally made it in there to begin some work myself. I was expecting to jump in and start spending a bit of each evening in there tinkering in early April, but it just wasn't in the cards.

As my habitat is parked right under one of the lampposts, I benefit by piggybacking the lightsource well into the night, and it is certainly a sufficiently bright to work. So, late tonight, I put myself in there and christened the joint with the first drips and splatters. I have a big tub of navy blue rit dye left over from a recent dyeing project which will be my medium of choice for the purpose of letting loose on some paper. The images depict the first several sketches of many to come.

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