Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kamp Maykr review

Here are a couple of images of Michael Natiello's mowed grass piece that was part of last weekend's Kamp Maykr project on the grounds of our apartment in Beacon. Over at, I've posted some images of the other pieces from Kamp Maykr as well as the happenings at Spire Studios that were happening at the same time.
The brunch we held on Saturday was really enjoyable, and the weather was excellent. I appreciate all of the artists that participated in the project, and I'm grateful to everyone that came by on Saturday morning. It's a positive reminder of why I continue to throw these types of things together; interacting with and being inspired by other artists' takes, and pushing myself to step out of my normal habits of seeing and making.
Just as Meatballs had its sequels, so too will Kamp Maykr. Stay tuned.

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