Sunday, March 30, 2008

A space of my own

A few days ago, I assisted Simon Draper in putting up a couple of structures that are part of his Habitat for Artists project. The two structures we put up in next to the parking lot of Spire Studios will serve as a studio space for me, in one, and a writing/work space for musician Dar Williams.
We transported the materials up from Simon's studio in Peekskill on Tuesday, when Dar's structure went up and mine was erected on Weds. I ran over today to throw a little paint on the outside surface, which will undoubtedly be covered and transformed.

I'm excited to get the joint finished and start working. This project will run through mid May, and I'll try to get myself in there as much as possible during that time.

I'm pleased because I can just walk over to the shed, and as you can see from the image below, I can just see the structures from the porch of our apartment.

Shortly, there will be a few other structures put up on this same location, and we'll have a regular lil community. Marnie Hillsely's structure will be adjacent to mine, and Sara Mussen will also be at the location. Lil' Alexis Elton will be partaking in the project remotely, working in a structure that she'll construct out in NM. I envision our little corner of Spireland looking a bit like a the little village in Babette's feast.


Rich said...

Jeez, you couldn't wait for warmer weather?

cralbert said...

That's just charactaristic of my odd anachronistic self; Heading to Miami in the Summer, Geneva in the winter. Now that Summer is coming on again, I've got to start growing that beard