Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A face in the crowd

In Feb of 2007 while waiting for a train home I witnessed a frozen action in Grand Central. Soon afterward I posted a blog entry on the happening and even searched the internet for any mention of it; there was none. Then just last week I perused Bruce Molsky's facebook page where another friend of his posted a youtube video that caught my eye. Eerily familiar, I knew this had to be the action I watched. As it turns out, Improve Everywhere is the group that instigated the "freeze." I was visiting Bruce Molsky's facebook profile.....this took me to the Improv everywhere site, and I saw myself there. Scrolling down the page on the Improve Everywhere site, I found this photo that caught me standing beside the stairs watching the event.
It's weird to find how your experience of your experiences can be informed, and even played back to you through the ever more pervasive eyes of the internet.

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