Sunday, March 25, 2007

3 Days in LA part 2

Alison Schulnik at Mark Moore Gallery.

Two final images from our Bergamot Station field trip on April 12. Both are from the Mark Moore Gallery. Above, Alison Schulnik's odd paintings of animals and landscapes were in the main gallery. A couple including the one above, were most diggable because of their wierdness.

Boo Ritson at Mark Moore Gallery.

In a side gallery were five large photos by Boo Ritson. Each work featured a portrait; the sitter slathered with some sort of paint or makeup giving the appearance of a person posing as the confectionery equivalent of himself.

After Bergamot Station, we laid low at the hotel until A's opening. The Paul Kopeikin Gallery is located a block from the LACMA, and is one of a handful of galleries gathered around a courtyard on Wilshire Blvd. I've posted images of A's installation over at maykr.

Other openings that night included two separate shows of Nicola Tyson's work at the
Mark Foxx Gallery, one of drawings, and another of paintings. The drawings, which I liked, traced familiar steps as an exercise in loose and spare psycho-figurative sketches. Nothing really original, but that kind of work appeals to me. The paintings felt even more loaded with self conscious steps, and did not go far enough in any direction for my taste.
Located directly above Mark Foxx Gallery, 1301PE was showing a group of small paintings by Charlene Von Heyle which I liked.

Directly across from Kopeikin's space, Roberts & Tilton featured and enjoyable show of the sculpture and drawings of Thomas Kiesewetter. The scale, color and nature of the constructions all worked for me. The use of a variety of pedestals added much to the spirit of the work as each piece was set atop a unique plinth, each one stained or marked showing signs of having served as working platform in the creation of the sculptures.

Thomas Kieswetter at Roberts & Tilton.

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