Saturday, August 19, 2006

The wall is dead. Long live the wall

Blesse III
latex paint, joint compound

I had wanted to create a new wall piece in this new series of work "Blesse", but before that I had to remove two pieces and prep the wall. I was finally able to take the other two pieces down, and begin work on the third when I was in the studio two weeks ago. Below are images from the removal of the two pieces. The excercise with this work has been to create a form that seamlessly emerges as some abnormality from the wall.
I found that I enjoyed the deconstructed elements that were added to the pieces as I carved into the wall to remove them. This may be another direction to take with this work. The images below trace the removal of Blesse I and II.

Blesse I deconstruct

Blesse I shadow

Blesse II deconstruct

Blesse II shadow

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