Saturday, March 25, 2006

There were snakes on the plains before the plane was even invented

Early last week,
Monkey Angel Studios' film, Hannah House was released on DVD in the UK. It's available for sale or rent at retailers and online. Information on the UK release can be found at

This image above is the cover for the DVD. The tagline the distrubutor (MAAD UK) came up with is excellent.... "They came for the prairie life... The got the afterlife."

So far, I have only seen 2 reviews. One really good, the other really bad. I have to say that the bad review mentioned the image quality of the film was bad. I think he missed the point altogether as the look of the film was intentional.

Anyway, since I've been in Denver, we've been getting together, making plans for the next MA film, Red Raccoon. Hannah House was altogether cooky, but Red Raccoon will be down right and singularly unique. (Unique=Bizarre) My role here is dealing with the art direction, working with folks from the Monkey Angel Collective and beyond, shaping the look of this film by merging the signature visions of all involved. I'll be posting info in the coming months on some of the progress, and info on the artists involved with the production.

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