Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On the road, and the last 2 weeks in review

I'm currently in Denver, working on some decorative projects, and making plans for an exchange exhibit in June between artists working in Beacon NY, and the artists of Edge Gallery here in Denver.

The past two weeks had me running. I was involved with an installation of an exhibition at the International Center of Photography, that felt like a marathon. We finally finished at 4 am last Thursday morning. Just in time to give me a little rest and prepare for the open studio at Spire on Saturday. I managed to take a few photos, and i will try to post them tonight.

On March 3, we held a reception hosted by CPA, Deborah Bailey Browne at her office. This is an ongoing partnership I'm calling the "Curated Office" that presents contemporary artwork in a setting, and before an audience that allows an opportunity to access, and relate to the work in a way that the rarified environment of the gallery doesn't necessarily allow.
The response to the work was very receptive. Each time I organize these mini exhibits allows me to change up the way that people interact in the space given the influence of the artwork present. I want to gently push the envelope with the type of work that can function, and seemlessly exsist with such a particular setting.
This current installation features a few of my pieces along with the work of Simon Draper, Marnie Hillsley, Matt Kinney and Alexis Elton.Most of the work represented a personal relationship with material. Simon and Marnie both create wall hung constructions of wood. Matt's pieces represent his working with acrylic paint on paper in a way that ceases to be acrylic paint and could easily be something else. Alexis' work with bubble wrap, and oil stained cardboard represents the the greatest leap of material in the show, but I think I was able to show the beauty, and grace of her choices. This is an editorial view on my part, but I think it helps add a potential new context to her work. Alexis did say that it took some getting used to seeing her own work in this environment, and it was freaking her out a little --but I think it was in a good way. The work I put in was the most traditional in a sense that it was straight oil or acrylic on canvas, and although it might be abstract, it was the most conventionally made work.

I think this a great opportunity for members of the artistic and business communities to mix and find commonalities, and I'm grateful to DBB for supporting this effort with as much of her own effort as she does.

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