Tuesday, September 27, 2005

bau:9 blind offline

This bau exhibit is a two person show with Gary Jacketti. For a variety of reasons that would ease the development of the show, we decided to communicate solely via email. As we discussed this format, it became clear that the communication in email would be a central concept in the show. Over three months, we layed out specs on what we would be doing for the show, and not discussing it in person. An aspect to this process was meant to look at the use of email as contemporary form of communication, that has a pontentially problematic quality as it often blends the casualness of spoken communications with the necessity of clearly putting intentions into written form. We basically knew how many works, and what mediums, and general themes of the artwork for the show, but neither of us knew what the other was doing. In order to extend the loss of control that either of us had over the exhibit as a package, we invited artist Matt Kinney to curate, and install the show. Matt had no idea what he was to be working with until he arrived at the space on the day of installation.

The result is a truly collaborative show that is very dependant on the three parts. Matt's installation, added a fresh spirit an interpretation to the works. He suspended two of my sculptures from the cieling, which is the last thing I would have expected. This move absolutely enhanced the experience of viewing these pieces.

The original concept in the development of the show has a lot of potential for exploration, and we only just scratched the surface on that potential. And though the show looks good, it really is just the interesting residue of a series of interactions. It is these types of engagements that intrigue me immensely, and this experience has help put a focus, for me,on aspects to similar projects that I have done in the past and a few that are currently in the works.

More images of the entire installation can be viewed at the bau website

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