Monday, June 06, 2005

On the Wall

This is the final stage of Navelglazing. And it is on the wall. The Via Beacon exhibit looks good. There are just a couple images of the show on More will be posted later.

I was driving back home from Syracuse last week, and decided what was needed to resolve the piece for me. I just did not know how it would be applied. I added the black stripe in the bottom half. This added a bold structural element that I all but avoid in my work. I felt that the stripe fit in contextually, and it really added an edge to the piece. The other last minute variation I made was to cut off the lighter portion in the upper right corner from the edge.

Monday evening, right after I had finished the stripe, my Studio neighbor, Kathy, who is also in Via Beacon poked her head in to see my painting. After making an exclamatory sound of some sort, she said "come in to my studio." Two days before, she had resolved one of her pieces for the show with a series of black bands.

It was crazy. A device that I would never consider using also shows up in her piece. The proportions of my stripe are similar to Kathy's stripes. The director of the Rockland County Art Center asked if Kathy and I were a couple and produced work that conciously referenced each other. Definitely not....but perhaps we've been spending too much time together...I won't even mention our now closed joint checking account.

Before long, I will post an image of Kathy's striped piece....

But should be in bed currently preparing for a full day of work for my bau show....4 days....nothing is yet resolved.

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