Sunday, May 22, 2005

In the Studio

Time in the studio this week has been really enjoyable. The tone of the time spent working in recent days is something I have not experienced for a long while. The deadline of upcoming shows is helpful, but there is a sense that the show itself is a bit of a nuisance because it presently stands as an interruption in the flow of work that exists right now. There is a certain state of completion, or at least stasis to be reached in time to install the work, but I am looking forward reaching the point after installation, when I can simply continue along on with the work I've been doing over the past weeks. I'm excited by this because I feel I have tapped into a stream of ideas, that is beginning to carry me along, and the extent of this current stretches beyond the near term reality of an upcoming exhibit. This is new a new sensation for me, and it's thrilling.
Today was a good day, as I was able to stay in the studio for a good seven or eight hours. I have been squeezing in a couple hours here and there recently, and they have been productive moments, but it was a real pleasure to be in there and not have anything drawing me out, or calling my attention as has been the case recently.

Angelika was back this weekend for the reception at Millbrook. Virtually noone was there, which we had expected, but it was fun. The GM of the Winery and his wife were great to talk with, and the evening was pleasant, as was the drive home afterward. There were few cars on the Taconic, and I had the sense of a really enjoyable summer evening cruise. Angelika returned to Syracuse this morning to finish her 2+ weeks of residency at Light Work.

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