Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And then, some more.

This is a very poor image of a recent state of this piece. I had reached a point within the last few days where I was really happy with the painting, with just a few modifications to make on the bottom half. The top half, though, I was pleased with. It did not look too different from this image.

Today I was looking at the piece, and realizing that I was satisfied with it, I decided to take it further. There were so many subtle layers emerging and disappearing, and there were some great areas of conte, and pastel drawing. I really liked it, but thought that it looked exactly like a painting I would make. I was satisfied....It is being made to hang in a show that opens in a week and a half. It will be carted down to the location within five days. It was basically marked with the big black DONE stamp.
So I made a mixture of a bright red, and laced it through out the top half, and into the bottom half. What is it if your are really satisfied with a piece? Sometimes it feels that (and this could be a case) there are times when I try to convince myself that something is done. When that happens, usually, I put the piece away, and move on to other work. Later, I dig it out, and see how it feels. I find that generally I will have, by then, reached a point where I can something that will truly inform and complete the piece. That process is unpredictable in terms of time. In this case, I have a time consideration, although, I am prepared to show other work if this one does not work out. So, whatever. I reached a point where I liked the painting, but was it existing as the piece it could really be?
I'll find out in the next couple of days whether it works or not....or if I just added several more days of effort on to this task. Either way, I am anxious to get back in there in the morning, and actually see what I did this afternoon.

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