Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Early Stages

Two early stages of the piece I am doing for a group show of Beacon artists in Garnerville NY, in June. This piece is a 9x6 ft diptych

Sunday, April 10, 2005

death of dance, wall drawing 2004.

I've been slowly progressing with the work for my bau 6 show in June, discovering certain things that are not working, and exploring other options. I'm enjoying the machinations of trying things out, rejecting some, hanging on to others. The image above, was a quick note made on the wall of my studio, and has served as the touchstone for the development of my concept for the show, even though there may be no visual reference to this drawing in the installation.

I also helped Angelika hang her pieces for her current show at bau. I really enjoy the results of what she has done. The process was fun to be a part of as well. Her pieces are life size photograms of several of the folks around Spire Studios. In addition to assisting her, I was working on an impromptu series of work with another studio mate, Matt Kinney, on an installation of work at Juicy. I will be organizing some odd visual excercises with various artists that will be installed at juicy over the course of the coming months. This should be fun, I'm looking forward to what may happen with that.