Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving snow

A Fresh layer of snow on our front lawn is an enticing blank sheet on which to make a mark.  Early Thanksgiving morning I went out to execute a little playtime I had been planning for the occasion of such a suitably timed snowfall.  That our first snow of the season corresponded with the space provided by a holiday made it all the better to get out early.

Groundcover: rug, 8.27.14

I've been saving these paint roller covers for several years, using them to make a small series of works I call Groundcover.  This is the first time I've actually covered the ground with them.  I've been saving them with the intent that I may have enough to create a wall or ceiling covering work one day.  But collecting them has been slow and that ultimate piece looking ever more elusive.  The column I made for the Salon des REfUSE exhibit at the Garrison Art Center utilized all but a couple of the roller covers I have, so I thought it fitting to make that the final Groundcover work....But then I remembered snow season was approaching and I might could make use of my collection as raw material for a little winter play before divesting myself of them.

Groundcover: rug, phase 2

That I've made a habit of going out to make "art" in the snow for the past three years hadn't occured to me until I began looking at the photos I took. 

In 2012, the snow made it possible to quickly transform a sketchbook image into installation with "Dominos."

Dominos (linked moments), Dec 2012, painted drywall, snow, grass

The snow also becomes the vehicle for the transformation and extension of the work through it's melting and re-dusting of the ground.  The pressure of change on matter made visible rather quickly by the quick changing nature of snow.

Early on Christmas morning in 2013, I took advantage of another fresh bed of snow, documenting a performance that was inspired by watching workers "draw" by sweeping snow from the parking lot of the building I was staying in on my 2012 trip to Geneva.

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