Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mark your calendars: Upcoming art/culture lectures at Vassar College.

Vassar College hosts a number of fascinating lectures and events throughout the year which are open to the general public, but historically, they've done a lousy job of making information about such events available.  The college's online calendar has gotten better in recent years, and there is an RSS feed that one can subscribe to which will tell you what's coming up "tomorrow", which doesn't give much of a heads up.  That said, in the interest of my own entertainment and as a service to any readers out there, I've perused Vassar's Spring schedule of lectures and pulled out those that I think would be interesting.  Most of these are visual/media art and art history related - I think.  Most of the calendar listings don't actually give details as to the subjects of the lectures.  In some instances, I've pasted information about the speaker that may indicate the nature of the talk.

On Feb 5th at 8pm, Mo Rocca will appear at Vassar under the auspices of the Krieger Lectures Series which each year invites a humorist or author or humorist author to speak. 

Feb 7, 5pm (Taylor 203), Nick Monfort "Creative Computing and Literary Code."  - Not exactly sure what this talk will entail, but I'm very interested.  It's sponsored by the Media Studies Dept.  Unfortunately, I don't think I can attend.

Feb 19, 6:30pm (Taylor 102), Millicent Marcus.   Prof. Marcus "specializes in Italian Culture from the interdisciplinary perspectives of literature, history and film."  There's no notation as to what this talk will cover.

March 26, 5pm (Taylor 203), Egyptologist Kara Cooney will be speaking - probably on subjects Egyptian. This lecture is part of the Claflin series which focuses on art and art history related subjects. 

April 1, 5pm (Taylor 203), Marcel O'Gorman.  From his website:
His written work is reflected in his art projects, which often seek to materialize specific critical theories about the impact of technology on the human condition. O'Gorman's art draws primarily on sensor-based computing, video, and the creation of sculptural environments designed to challenge the disembodiment of conventional screen-based media.
April 8, 5pm (College Center Villard Room), Judith Butler. This lecture is sponsored by the Religion Dept.

April 9, 6pm (Taylor 203), Lukasz Stanek will be giving a talk on Henri Lefebvre.  From
The book Henri Lefebvre on Space is the first comprehensive account of Henri Lefebvre's theory of the production of space published in English. It confronts a broad conceptual overview of Lefebvre's theory with two largely forgotten sources of his thinking about space: his engagements into empirical research about everyday practices of dwelling in post-war France, and his exchanges with architects and planners in the course of the 1960s and 1970s

April 17, 6pm (Taylor 102), Amy Sillman

April  25, 6pm (Taylor 102), Mirka BeneŇ°. I'm guessing the topic of this lecture will revolve around landscape architecture of Italy or France or both.

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