Friday, September 28, 2012

Orifice, Ours: Every other Tuesday......

Elliptical Drawing #59, 2011
I have a real reclusive bent.  Going out on the street and chatting with folks is pleasurable for me for sure, rare as it happens. 
In order to socially engineer more meaningful social interactions, I am instituting a program of regular outings for myself.  Starting this coming Tuesday, October 2 and every other Tuesday hence, I will be making myself socially available for an hour or two beginning at 7:30 pm at Bank Square Coffeehouse. Sort of like holding office hours - but not, in the service of pleasurable conversation and camaraderie-making.
Conceited as it sounds - for me to announce that the general public will be granted access to my person for a specific, recurring window of time - it's certainly not meant to be....more, it's a concerted effort to get myself out of the house, away from projects and into interactions I've been not having in very recent years.
So, aside from work or travel related conflicts, you can count on, if you choose, knowing where to find me every other Tuesday eve - and if I won't be able to make it on any given Tuesday, I'll post a notice to that effect on the calendar to the right.


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