Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the studio today

I returned home yesterday after several weeks out West.

This morning I experienced an instant of an almost Kandisnky moment  - an instant of non-recognition, of unknowing in which the sensation of seeing is made potent, refreshing and raw - an effect that is gone in an instant once the mind catches up with the eye.   While away, two pieces that I had on view in the lobby of the Beacon Theater in the Jennifer Mackiewicz curated exhibit "Fine Art", returned to the house.  The two pieces, Margin and Pegleg Potato are seen above on the right hand side of the picture.  Angelika placed the paintings on the floor as pictured.  The larger one, Margin, is seen on it's side, rather than in its vertical orientation.   I don't think it really translates through the photo, but that painting has some juice to it  It pops.  And seeing it in this orientation and with the addition of distancing of time held  a wave of exhilaration.   To unknow the known, even for a second.  it's a thrilling free fall.

As if there needed to be any further illustration of how little it takes to thrill me.

Together, the arrangement, the placement, the accident of orientation are a gift.  A humble one, granted.

And to have the proximity between that painting and the work on the left hand side of the photo is an additional happenstance that warms me.  The green and blue checkered form on the left is actually a sheet of latex paint draped over a wooden rod which I left prior to departing to allow the paint to stiffen.

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