Monday, July 25, 2011

James Westwater - and me at Beacon NY's Beacon Theatre

A few shots from the hanging of paintings at the Beacon Theatre in Beacon, NY.  The theatre is going through a major renovation, during which, the lobby will be used for performances and events.   Recent works by myself and James Westwater face off with each other from opposite walls of the lobby in this first exhibit organized by Jennifer Mackiewicz.  

I snapped a few photos as we were hanging the paintings last weekend.  There will be reception held on Saturday, August 13th....probably starting around 6pm.
I'll be taking some better photos here shortly.

In the two images above are three recent paintings of mine, all finished in 2011.

Below are James' three works created using giant pieces of "driftwood" material gathered from the Hudson river shore in Beacon.

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