Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Open Studio Revue Sept 25 & 26, 2010

A view of Angelika's studio.

By all accounts, this year's Beacon Open Studios was as well attended as last year.  Here at Kamp Maykr traffic was less than last year. Saturday was utterly dead but Sunday saw a steadier flow of people through the space for most of the day.  This year, both Angelika and I opened up our spaces.  She played a couple of her recent videos and showed various elements that were part of her recent MFA thesis project.  Additionally, on Saturday, she video taped Frits Zernike reading her her thesis.

 Frits in the midst of bringing A's academic writing to life.

I had been looking forward to Open Studio since last year, and I was hoping to create a couple of works for outside.  However, a severe bout of sciatica that's been plaguing me for a couple months nixed most of those plans, so I simply brought out some of my recent, in progress works, and pretty much left the space in it's everyday state - with a little less clutter on the floor.

 Remnants, 2010 gouache on drywall.

 a small untitled work outside.

Folded and Stacked, latex paint

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