Saturday, July 31, 2010

Electric Windows

Drifts of weaponized enamel are hanging heavy over Beacon's east end of Main St right now. 

I'm preparing for an early morning departure tomorrow so I breezed through the Electric Windows goings on really quickly early this afternoon.
It's an exciting vibe that's happening down there, especially with the addition of space at the Roundhouse and the Viera building to be adorned with artwork.  Adding to this sense of excitement is the already visible work done as part of the Roundhouse rehab and development - a new vista of the falls has been opened up with the removal of various vegetation on the corner of Main & E. Main. 

Congratulations to the folks at Open Space and Burlock et al.  Even from my early observation, the whole deal is shaping up successfully.
For your viewing pleasure, here are a few images.  In the interest of time - since I should be doing other things right now - I'm forgoing captions for the moment. .....I'll be adding them shortly.


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