Monday, December 07, 2009

kork Advent is in full effect

The collection of Advent works and accompanying texts on the board of kork.  
James Westwater's work from Dec 5 is visible here.

kork Advent is underway.  I'm now in the second week of sending out the daily emails that are part of the project.  The project is a calendar of sorts that lives both in physical form in the office of Bailey Browne CPA & Assoc. in Poughkeepsie, where each day the staff at the office advances the calendar to the next artwork, and as a daily email that arrives in the inbox of subscribers for the month of December.

Putting this thing together has had me thinking of our days and what they mean. 
A day is a wedge of infinity framed by goal posts.  At once an inconsequential, increment and momentous.  
A day can be alright.  Any given day can be your best, your worst, your first and your last.

But how many of us consider the days we pass through?  This one, the last one or the next?  Perhaps plenty do, for themselves, but each day is really a torrent of billions of days for those souls in this world which honor that unit of measure.  

Alastair Dewell's contribution for Dec. 7

Concurrent to my own, there are millions of other people's days.  Some hundreds of them rub up against my own - generally unreflected upon.
I heard Lawrence Weiner say in an interview, speaking about his manhole cover works, that his intent wasn't to fuck up someone's day.  He wanted to fuck up someone's life.  

Scores of page-a-day calendars are full of one line buttresses against a bad day.  Messages of empowerment, encouragement and bolster to face and, put a good face, on each day.  In a small way, I think some days in December may be fucked by the advent project.  The array of the artists' works and their accompanying texts demonstrate the abundance of wonderful, demoralizing, or heartening experiences each day holds.  

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