Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Searing Saturday Night

The weather broke today. Finally. It's been fairly miserable over the past several days.

Second Saturday in Beacon rolled around, and it was the stickiest, most uncomfortable day of all. The weather definitely had an impact on the openings that night. There was a body of folks who braved the heat, but it was considerably down from what would be expected.

It took an hour and a half before anyone really came into my opening at bau. I was wondering if I'd be there by myself, fortified with plenty of beer, all night. As the heat slowly ebbed, folks started filing in. Considering the heat, I think the turnout was respectable.

Over at Spire, the story was much the same. Dana Edelman was playing with a couple of other musicians, and the performance was good. Unfortunately, there just was not a great number of folks to listen. There was a keg of Heineken waiting to greet visitors that went largely unconsumed.

For the open studio, I presented some sketches that were done for my amalgam show, and a shelf of plaster casts, some made over the past year and some made for amalgam that were not used.

Angelika presented digital various digital prints from misc. images taken while she was in Syracuse.

The Day After.

The day after the open studio. Completely clean, thanks to Angelika's efforts. It had been suggested, but not really registered, that I photograph the studio before the the aftermath of preparations for bau 6. It was something to see. Layers of sawdust, plaster dust, styro pellets, tools etc. everywhere.

Now that everything was so tidily put away, I can spend the next couple of weeks looking for the things I will be needing.

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